Malevolence - Malicious Intent

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Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor states of the groups third studio album;, 'Malicious Intent' is a demonstration of strength. It is the next step in the evolution of our band and is the product of hard work and creativity over two years of difficulties, lock downs and complete upheaval to every day life. The album embodies the progression of our sound but also our growth as individuals and I feel like with each release we put out, our sound matures with us. The subjects that we touch on with this album will resonate with those who are seeking self reflection and progression. This is something we as a band will always strive for as we continue to carve our own path and build new foundations in the heavy music world. If you are a heavy music fan, there is something on this album for you. These are heavy metal anthems that will stand the test of time!'.

1.Malicious Intent
2.Life Sentence
3.On Broken Glass
4.Still Waters Run Deep
5.Higher Place
7.Above All Else
8.Do Or Die