Mercyful Fate - 9 LP yellow ochre with blue swirls

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Originally released on June 15, 1999, 9 is Mercyful Fate's seventh studio album. After the release of 9, the band went on a decade-long hiatus.

Band Lineup: King Diamond: vocals; Hank Sherman: guitar; Mike Wead: guitar; Sharlee D'Angelo: bass; Bjarne T. Holm: drums

Recorded and mixed at Nomad Recording Studio, Carrollton, Texas, USA, February - March 1999. Produced by Kol Marshall and Mercyful Fate. Mixed by Kol Marshall and Mercyful Fate. Engineered by Kol Marshall. 2nd Engineer Vince Rossi.

A1. Last Rites
A2. Church of Saint Anne
A3. Sold My Soul
A4. House On the Hill
A5. Burn In Hell
B1. The Grave
B2. Insane
B3. Kiss the Demon
B4. Buried Alive
B5. 9