Mercyful Fate - Into The Unknown LP Ice Tea Marbled

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The re-release of the fifth full-length studio album by legendary Danish Heavy Metal band.

Not many bands can claim to be as influential as Mercyful Fate. As one of the early purveyors of true Metal, the band's impact is felt far and wide; from the New Wave of Black Metals' Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir to international Metal gods, Megadeth and Metallica.

For the third time, the original line-up of Mercyful Fate reunited for the to record "Into The Unknown" - their most commercially successful album to date. The album peaking at No. 31 in the Finnish charts and remaining for two weeks in the Top 40. It is the only album by the band to appear on the charts.

180 gram black vinyl includes MP3 download card and large two-sided poster.

A1. Lucifer
A2. The Uninvited Guest
A3. The Ghost Of Change
A4. Listen To The Bell
A5. Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)
B1. Into The Unknown
B2. Under The Spell
B3. Deadtime
B4. Holy Water
B5. Kutulu (The Mad Arab Part Two)