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Mercyful Fates' "Time" packs a nasty horror-metal punch. As always, metal icon and frontman King Diamond leads the way on Time with epic lyrics and instantly recognizable vocal range that defined the group's sound. Bandmembers, guitarist Hank Sherman, bassist Sharlee D'Angelo, and Snowy Shaw on drums do their usual fine job cranking out retro and near thrash metal riffs with biting precision. The sprawling "Lady in Black" is a clear standout, with its superior guitar grooves and relatively melodic and intelligible vocals. Other choice cuts include the crushing opener, "Nightmare Be Thy Name," and the title track.

A1. Nightmare Be Thy Name
A2. Angel Of Light
A3. Witches' Dance
A4. The Mad Arab
A5. My Demon
A6. Time
B1. The Preacher
B2. Lady In Black
B3. Mirror
B4. The Afterlife
B5 .Castillo Del Mortes