Mindforce - Excalibur

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Hudson Valley, NY, all-stars make their debut Triple-B release with "Excalibur." Ten tracks of blistering, crossover-influenced hardcore in the vein of Cro-Mags, Leeway, and Burn. After selling out multiple pressings of their debut 7"s and split with Dead Heat, "Excalibur" takes Mindforce to the next level in aggressive music. Now available again on colored vinyl with updated cover artwork. LP+7" includes digital download.

1. Destroyer
2. Senseless Act
3. Nightmare
4. Fangs Of Time
5. Excalibur
6. Put You Down
7. Won't Be Denied
8. Smother My Foes
9. Bestseller
10. Fades Away
11. Man Of Peace (bonus track)