Modern Life Is War - My Love My Way [CD]

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Before there was "Witness", "My Love My Way" was championed by many as one of the best contemporary hardcore albums in recent memory. With its youthful musical passion and moving lyrical beauty, "My Love My Way" set the wave of Modern Life Is War in motion. With its long awaited reissue, this now classic debut album boasts revamped packaging, bonus tracks, as well as a complete remastering job, breathing new life into a release that brought Modern Life Is War to the forefront of the hardcore/punk community.

Track Listing:

1. Breaking The Cycle
2. Late Bloomers
3. Clarity
4. War
5. Self Preservation
6. By The Sea
7. Yesterdays Trash
8. A Tale Of Two Cities
9. Momentum
10. First And Ellen
11. Destination: Death Of Better Days
12. Farmers Holiday Association