My War - Issue 10 [Zine]

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My War #10 is here!
I wanted to focus on the Euro scene with this one, think I succeeded...
Nukke (Por) - they came out of nowhere but a released a beast of an LP
Axe Rash (Swe) - great live band, new LP soon
Instructor (Bel) - coming from the hellhole!
Ian Mackaye (USA) - part II of our chatt, focussing on Fugazi and Discord this time
Desintegracion Violenta (Ger) - residing in Germany with Bogota blood, best demo of 2021 together with Indre Krig
Stingray (UK) - the successor band (kind off) of ASID Tin Savage's vocals!!
Daniel Lupton (USA) - owner of Sorry State records, a shop and label with a vision
Indre Krig (DK) - Best demo of 2021 together with DV! Looking forward to their LP!