Nasty - Heartbreak Criminals

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After releasing their Century Media Records debut, ‘Menace’, in the midst of the pandemic that made it impossible for the dedicated road dogs to play a release tour the band decided they’d attack working on new material right away which allowed them to fully craft ‘Heartbreak Criminals’ together with their friend Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day). ‘We just wanted to record a good and heavy hardcore album’, says the band about ‘Heartbreak Criminals’. But make no mistake, in 2023 NASTY is not solely what you’d expect from the European heavyweights. While ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Don‘t Play With Fire’, the two songs already released digitally in 2022, are good indicators of the things to come you’ll also find some surprising tunes on ‘Heartbreak Criminals’.

1. Intro
2. Roses
3. Reality Check
4. 911
5. Total Domination
6. Heartbreak Criminals
7. Resurrection (album Version)
8. More Fire
9. Nobody Cares
10. Don‘t Play With Fire (album version)
11. Kiss from a Rose
12. Declaring War (2023)
13. Chaos (2023)