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There is nothing kind about Realigion. Much like Shokka and the releases before it, Nasty live up to their name—creating nothing more than pure, visceral, testosterone-laden aggression. Hitting hard with the brief-but-bold one-two punch of “F.Y.W.” And “Rock Bottom, ” the band waste little time when it comes to inoculating the listener with immolating aggression. Built on percussion that drives nails into the listener’s skull as if the percussionist played with sledgehammers, Realigion only barely slows down at key transitional points to let the listener catch their breath—otherwise, it’s an onslaught of songs like “Realigion” and “At Night” that combine bone-busting drumming with a low, lurid and dense bass that creates a low end thick enough to suffocate the listener with ease. Songs like “In Defeat” see the band driving forward with thrashy, more straightforward drumming and rambunctious, boisterous riffing. At points during Realigion—segments of “In Defeat” and “DRTY FNGRZ” channel sharper, more lacerating nu-metal influence alongside their more traditional elements of beatdown and heavy hardcore. Then, there are songs like “F.Y.W.,” which are just raunchy from start to finish, using gargantuan breakdowns to bewilder the listener in between straightforward and sinister segments of razor-wire riffing that cut deep into the listener and bleed them out by the time “Rock Bottom” even kicks in. Nasty are a fine-tuned machine when it comes to their instrumentation; they create heaviness in a second-to-non fashion, infusing beatdown hardcore with metallic and modern styles both, giving some tracks a rap-esque flow, while others cut deep as if they were coated in barbed wire.

1. F.Y.W.
2. Rock Bottom
3. At War With Love
5. Forgiveness
6. Realigion
7. At Night
8. Interlude
9. Prediction
10. Welle
11. In Defeat
12. Outro
13. Babylon