No Redeeming Social Value - Wasted For Life

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Hailing from Queens, NY, in 1988, No Redeeming Social Value was one of the key bands that exploded onto the hardcore punk scene in the early 1990s. Their action-packed, brand-new, full-length album titled "Wasted For Life" features ten new songs of intensely riotous hardcore punk at its finest. If you're ready to get wasted with N.R.S.V., then drop the needle on this slab and join the Brew Crew for a raucous good time.

1. Don't Tell Me
2. Brew Crew
3. Wasted For Life
4. Ratbones
5. Shatterproof
6. Sociophilia
7. Punk Rock Wedding Song
8. I'm Gonna Puke
9. Separation Anxiety
10. N.Y.C. X N.R.S.V.