No Turning Back - Never Give Up

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Does NO TURNING BACK really need an introduction? Probably not. In more than 15 years of existence, the Dutch powerhouse has been around, spreading the good spirit and playing stages all over the world. They also released a lot of material, their new album "never give up" already being their 8th full-length. You can count on NO TURNING BACK to craft furious short pieces with a positive state of mind. With 12 songs under their belt, they proved once more, if need be, why their achievement and longevity is greatly deserved.

1. Not Fade Away
2. Deal With It
3. Destination Unknown
4. I Win You Lose
5. This Time
6. True Love
7. No Hope
8. Fight To Survive
9. Face My Demons
10. Toe To Toe
11. When Will It Stop
12. Not Afraid