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In 2017 NO TURNING BACK will celebrate it's 20th anniversary. Twenty years of going all in, full ahead, all the time, no holds barred. NO TURNING BACK lives hardcore-punk, they eat, breathe and sleep it. For over twenty years they have proven that through sheer perseverance, hard work, dedication and believing in your hopes and dreams you can achieve anything. In this time, where some say the future is unsure, there is no time to waste. Shape your future your own way, to not let the negativity take over, but keep your fate in your own hands. NO TURNING BACK will lead you on that path.

Touring across the globe since they started out in 1997, Europe's cornerstone hardcore band NO TURNING BACK gives the term DIY a whole new dimension. Releasing over eight renown hardcore records all over the world on countless labels for the last twenty years, the band is a household name in today?s world wide hardcore scene with their blend of the old school NYHC groove, fast breaks and massive sing a longs anthems. Still spreading the gospel of hardcore with an urgency that's unprecedented in European and worldwide hardcore.

No Time To Waste is NO TURNING BACK's eight full length to date. Singer Martijn van den Heuvel: "We are a hardcore band that after twenty years still wrecks packed venues and smashes stages all over the globe and we haven't stopped releasing relevant records. That's not a common thing, not a point many bands will reach. Our goal is continuous improvement; we always try to produce a better record than the previous one and with No Time To Waste we delivered again." Drummer Joel Heijda adds: "For this record we went to Kohlekeller Studio based in Germany. He is well known for his work with Aborted, Powerwolf and Benighted, so it's not the typical hardcore producer. There was chemistry right from the start, the result is amazing and we are very proud of this record". No Time To Waste features 12 hardcore anthems to sing along and mosh to, and clocks in at just under 21 minutes. "It's a true No Turning Back record" as Martijn states; "Twenty years of blood, sweat, passion and persistence culminated in this
ultimate No Turning Back record. I feel we are at the pinnacle of our evolution, and we have No Time To Waste to let you know. Throw away all your other records, you will only need this one for a long, long time."

01. I Won't Fall
02. Hold On Tight
03. Heart Of Stone
04. Sick Society
05. End This War
06. Betrayed
07. Turn The Tide
08. Stand My Ground
09. Together
10. Ashes To Dust
11. True Sorrow
12. No Time To Waste