No Use For A Name - Rarities Vol. 2 The Originals [LP]

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Fat Wreck recently unearthed some demos and early versions of some of the best No Use For A Name songs. The A-side of this collection features rare versions of songs that have only appeared on compilations while the B-side contains never-before heard demos from the classic No Use For A Name album "Hard Rock Bottom." Now available on vinyl.

1. Sidewalk
2. No Way To Live
3. Justified Black Eye
4. History Defeats
5. Stunt Double
6. Let Me Down
7. Sara Fisher
8. Coming Too Close
9. Any Number Can Play
10. Dumb Reminders
11. Friends Of The Enemy
12. International You Day
13. Nailed Shut
14. Pre-Medicated Murder
15. Solitaire