No Warning - Torture Culture

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Torture Culture is by far the most traditionally metal sounding record in No Warning’s musical catalogue. The songs are not the straightforward mosh laden anthems from Ill Blood, nor do they have the pop hooks from Suffer, Survive. The production value of Torture Culture has a lot of reverb and absolutely draws from the thrash metal greats of the past such as Metallica, Exodus and Slayer. This thrash nod is likely in part thanks to the mastering effort of Joel Grind from metal band Toxic Holocaust. Regardless, I think the production sounds full and is well suited for the bands current progression.

The heart of No Warning has always been groove, and luckily for us that element remains in Torture Culture. While there are not as many blatant breakdowns as on past releases, the catchy and thick groove remains on essentially all of the songs present on this release. As opposed to being quick and to the point hardcore songs, the groove is used to accentuate longer songs and more rock and roll oriented verses. This method works well, and the best comparison I can make is a strange amalgamation of 1980’s thrash, New York Hardcore, and as interesting as it sounds, classic rock.

1. Headless
2. In The City
3. Unreality
4. Beyond The Law
5. Total Surrender
6. Hell Realm
7. Like A Rebel
8. Alleys Of Mind
9. Sanctuary
10. Animal
11. No Influence (From The Outside World)
12. Torture Culture