No Zodiac - Eternal Misery

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No Zodiac's sophomore album is a crushing display of what an alternative of the phrase 'deathcore' could be. However, expect the compositions to be far more rooted in the simplicity of beatdown hardcore instead of death metal itself, so if you're looking for shredding riffs and solos, this isn't the album for you. With that said, what it lacks in technical composition is made up for pure head-on force and unsettling atmosphere, giving the vibes of something vile emerging from the deep ground. The lack of overproduction also helps to give this a naturally raw feeling to it, which works perfectly for a band of their ilk, as it gives an even filthier vibe to its beatdown sound. Not to mention that the vocals are spot on well - then-vocalist Connor Karwowski opts for angry shouting approach that fits this perfectly. This is a short but sweet album of brutal mosh grooves from a band adorned in the filth and contempt of death metal, but with the heart of a hardcore crew.

1. Birth Of Destruction
2. Rise Of Unholy
3. King Of Scorn
4. Constant Decay
5. Tormented
6. Immoral Agenda
7. Cesspool Earth
8. Eternal Misery
9. Endless Suffering