Patrick Kitzel - The History Of Nemesis Records [book]

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Founded by "Big" Frank Harrison, Southern California's Nemesis Records ran from 1988-1993 and was the home to such bands as Gameface, Insted, Uniform Choice and, most famously, The Offspring. "The History Of Nemesis Records" collects never-before-seen band photos, essays, insight and memoirs from friends and select Nemesis alumni artists including Ron Martinez (Final Conflict), Dan O'Mahony (No For An Answer, Carry Nation), Isaac Golub (A Chorus Of Disapproval, A18), Fred Hammer (It's Alive Fanzine), Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Reason To Believe), Mike Hartsfield (Outspoken, New Age Records), Dave Franklin (Vision), Andrew Kline (Strife) and more. The full label discography, including all vinyl variations, have been scanned in with descriptions, unseen photos, flyers and much more.