Pillars Of Ivory - The Biblical Scriptures

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At times resembling as much an old-school mixtape as proper musical collaboration, this full-length compiles the two demos from Pillars Of Ivory who are masterminded by the vocalists of Mindforce and Death Threat, and members of Age Of Apocalypse. Hip-hop heroes and rock 'n' roll tracks are all sampled within and mixed in with stomping, heavy hardcore in a way that pushes limits of just how close two different genres can come.


Book 1. Genesis
1. D.R.E.A.M.
2. Salute!
3. T.W.C.T.P.O

Book 2. Exodus
1. Voyage
2. Light Inside featuring Lukey Cage
3. Lost Soulz

Book 3. Leviticus
1. Lukey Cage SDS Connect
2. Leviticus
3. Cash on Delivery