Prong - Beg To Differ [LP]

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Former New York club CBGB’s soundman Tommy Victor founded Prong in 1987 as his outlet for sonic fury. Having their roots in the Thrash Metal and Hardcore scenes, Prong carved a niche for themselves – groovy, angry, massive; just perfect mosh music. The trio wrecked stages and impressed audiences all over the world.

Their first album on a major label promised a bright future for industrial New York Hardcore Metal band Prong. Beg To Differ contains 10 hard-hitting tracks, of which the video for “Beg To Differ” got heavy rotation on MTV.

A1. For Dear Life
A2. Steady Decline
A3. Beg To Differ
A4. Lost And Found
A5. Your Fear
B1. Take It In Hand
B2. Intermenstrual, D.S.B.
B3. Right To Nothing
B4. Prime Cut
B5. Just The Same