Prong - Rude Awakening [LP]

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Prong's distinctive Industrial Metal sound influenced subsequent bands such as Korn and Nine Inch Nails. Former New York club CBGB's soundman Tommy Victor founded Prong in 1987 as his outlet for sonic fury. Having their roots in the Thrash Metal and Hardcore scenes, Prong carved a niche for themselves - groovy, angry, massive; just perfect mosh music. The trio wrecked stages and impressed audiences all over the world. Rude Awakening is Prong's fifth album. Prong continued to refine their piercing attack on Rude Awakening, while they are simultaneously expanding their sonic vocabulary. Throughout the record, they continue to mix in industrial rhythms and effects - there are samples scattered all over the album - but the key to the success of Rude Awakening is the precise, drilling effect of the group's jackhammer riffs.

A1. Controller 
A2. Caprice 
A3. Rude Awakening 
A4. Unfortunately 
A5. Face Value 
A6. Avenue Of The Finest
B1. Slicing 
B2. Without Hope
B3. Mansruin
B4. Innocence Gone 
B5. Dark Signs 
B6. Close The Door