Raghunath - Krishna Kirtan: Music As Meditation [CD]

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"Krishna Kirtan: Music As Meditation" is not the first album recorded by Ray Cappo, aka Raghunath Das. Raghu came to yoga and kirtan after spending many years soul searching while a part of the straight-edge scene - the more conscious part of the world of punk - in the '80s and '90s as vocalist for the bands Shelter and Youth Of Today. This album, however, is his first offering of traditional kirtan, the music of devotion, made famous in India, which is now taking the yoga and new age world by storm.

Track Listing:

1. Prayers To My Teachers
2. Krishna Jinka Naama Hai
3. Kunja Bihari
4. Jaya Jaya Radhe
5. Hey Ram!
6. Sva Gatam
7. Giriraj Maharaj Bon Bihari