Rise Against - Nowhere Generation [LP]

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Between the increasingly fascistic nature of U.S. politics, climate crisis, economic disparity, crumbling infrastructure and rampant gun violence, things are still really, really bad. Older generations have seemingly waved away these issues, ignoring how they shaped the reality many of us will grapple with long after they are gone. This pretext serves as the thematic focus of Nowhere Generation, the latest album by Rise Against.

It’s an album dedicated to critically examining the plight of Generations Y and Z as they face increasingly challenging circumstances, living through various crises and recessions, only to be labeled as entitled, fragile or confused kids. Rise Against fights back against these mischaracterizations to stand in solidarity with the so-called nowhere generation.

1. The Numbers
2. Sudden Urge
3. Nowhere Generation
4. Talking To Ourselves
5. Broken Dreams, Inc.
6. Forfeit
7. Monarch
8. Sounds Like
9. Sooner Or Later
10. Middle Of A Dream
11. Rules Of Play