Ryker's - The Beginning Doesn't Know The End

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RYKER’S 2019 have now really thrown all their shackles overboard and merge in a stylish change of flawless 80s Thrash Metal and rough Old School grenades with wonderful melody arcs and the omnipresent NYHC street dog charm to a very own unit, with which the deserved reputation of the ‘flagship of the European hardcore’ is impressively underpinned.

1. Let's Ruin The Scene
2. Losing Touch
3. Cast In Stone
4. Dead End Street
5. The Beginning... Doesn't Know The End
6. Old Passion
7. Collateral Damage
8. No Matter What
9. Overboard
10. The Six Million Dollar Band
11. Cold Lost Sick

12. Hard Pill To Swallow
13. Bully Boy
14. The End Justifies The Means
15. Sightseeing In The Age Of BBQ