Saves The Day - Daybreak

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Daybreak is the seventh studio album by the American rock band Saves the Day. This album is the band's first without long-time guitarist David Soloway since 1998, and their first with guitarist Arun Bali and bass guitarist Rodrigo Palma. The album also features Spencer Peterson on drums for the first time, before leaving the band prior to the album's release.

This may be one of the most diverse Saves The Day records ever made, however fans will not be disappointed as the main elements that people love about the band are still there in the core. The guitar work is by far the stand out feature of the record, best exemplified on one of the album stand outs Chameleon, a song full of slick riffs and a heavy groove. The grungy distortion pedals are in full force on tracks like 1984 and Z which play well off of the lighter feel from the rhythm section giving the songs a great dynamic.

1. Daybreak
 I. Somehow You Love Me
 II. Fucked Up Past the Point of Fixing
 III. 8 AM
 IV. Zig Zag
 V. Daybreak
2. Let It All Go
3. 1984
4. E
5. Z
6. Deranged & Desperate
7. Chameleon
8. Living Without Love
9. U
10. O
11. Undress Me