Sheer Terror - Ugly And Proud

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If you're going to have a top ten of NYHC albums, this should be in it. Sheer Terror had a one of a kind sound and an attitude that was unique and refreshing at the time they came out. Blake's guitar work was awesome and heavy and Paul's lyrics were blunt and cynical. He's a great frontman with pissed off, cut and dry onstage banter that was never dull to see. He isn't about positive optimism and hope for the future, he's more about how he hate his job, has a broken heart, thought most people were stupid and deserved what they got - and wanted to sing about it.

1. Three Year Bitch
2. Time Don’t Heal A Thing
3. Lulu Roman
4. Yesterday’s Sweetheart
5. Tumblin’ Down
6. Sin Of Pride
7. A. No. 1
8. I, Spoiler
9. Close My Eyes
10. Blowout On Indiana Avenue
11. Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful
12. Done All Wrong
13. Young Punks In Love
14. Bulldog