Shelter - When 20 Summers Pass

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The legendary post-hardcore pioneers Shelter present a new, remastered, and repackaged edition of their album "When 20 Summers Pass," which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year in beautiful analogy to the title. The new edition of the album on End Hits Records contains, in addition to the 12 original songs, four rarities as bonus tracks, and on top of that, even a never-before-released song called "Why Can't I Just Get Through To You?" All additional tracks are taken from the the band's recording sessions of the album.

1. When 20 Summers Pass
2. In The Van Again
3. Song Of Brahma
4. Don’t Walk Away
5. Public Eye
6. If There’s Only Today
7. Loss Disguised As Gain
8. Spirits Blinded
9. Crushing Some One You Love
10. Look Away
11. Killer Of My Dreams
12. I Can’t Change History
13. Yes I Can (bonus track LP)
14. I Am A Rock (bonus track LP - Paul Simon cover)
15. Why Can't I Just Get Through To You (bonus track/previously unreleased LP)
16. Truth Will Set Us Free (bonus track LP)
17. The Chapter Ends (bonus track LP)