Siberian Meat Grinder - Metal Bear Stomp

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Crossover-hardcore/metal/rap phenomenon, Siberian Meat Grinder from Moscow, Russia bring their cross-genre game to the next level, delivering an explosive sonic mix over the 12 tracks of 'Metal Bear Stomp' that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout - a unique style of fast and heavy music, blending high-speed crossover thrash with hip-hop, black metal, NYHC, stoner-rock and punk. The band, who formed in 2011, are guided by a Bear-Tsar - A mysterious and powerful entity, ruling the frozen depths of Siberian Hell with an iron paw and bringing suffering upon enemies of metal. SMG have an illustrious touring history throughout mainland Europe and Russia. Having played over 150 shows, more than 20 major festivals and toured with the likes of Agnostic Front, Terror, Sick Of It All, Deez Nuts, Nasty, No Turning Back and Napalm Death, their live show is truly something to behold.

The new album, 'Metal Bear Stomp', sees the warriors of the Bear-Tsar throw in yet more aggressive, brutal and technical skill. Their high-speed thrash metal and NYHC-style breakdowns, mixed with epic sing-alongs, machine gun rap flows and gloomy black metal bridges give SMG a truly individual and identifiable sound. Cooking all these ingredients together, according to their own unique recipe, sees them ice the cake with the lyrics about writing graffiti on trains, relentless touring and destroying the enemies of metal.

The artwork for 'Metal Bear Stomp' was designed by legendary New York-based artist Sean Taggart. Sean is known for his work for such acts as Agnostic Front, Crumbsuckers, Napalm Death, Twitching Tongues and many more.

1. Ruder Than Thou
2. Hunt the Steel
3. Metal Bear Stomp
4. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
5. No Way Back
6. Enter Bearface
7. No Sleep Till Hell
8. Style 
9. Get Busy
10. Eternal Crusade
11. Face the Clan 2017
12. Walking Tall 2017