Sick Of It All - Death To Tyrants

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Two primary characteristics of the music have always set SICK OF IT ALL apart from many of its hardcore contemporaries: diversified songwriting and a delivery that tends to appeal to both metal and hardcore kids. Both facets are heard on "Death to Tyrants". Pete Koller's guitar work is more than just two riffs and a cloud of dust. While not dazzling with technical brilliance, his playing moves from steel-belted tough riffs to melody-tinged chords. By the same token, bassist Craig Setari mixes it up nicely, never content to simply lay a foundation. Drummer Armand Majidi (who also wrote the lion's share of the lyrics) pummels like a caveman and splashes with color. The team approach results in arrangements that breathe and songs that are built for the long haul. All the while Lou Koller is spitting vitriol about the potential for world downfall and a militaristic, corporate-run U.S. government, hence the title "Death to Tyrants", not to mention "Uprising Nation" and the Simon Bolivar-inspired "Machete".

1. Take the Night Off
2. Machete
3. Preamble
4. Uprising Nation
5. Always War
6. Die Alone
7. Evil Schemer
8. Leader
9. Make a Mark
10. Forked Tongue
11. Sodom
12. Faithless
13. Fred Army
14. Thin Skin
15. Maria White Trash