Skarhead - Drugs, Music & Sex

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Skarhead's debut, "Drugs, Money & Sex," was released in 1997 and shortly after that they signed to Victory Records for the release of the world famous and classic NYHC record "Kings At Crime," which hit stores in 1999. Being a lead vocalist and leader in the hardcore community for over 15 years, Lord Ezec is now back with Skarhead's long-awaited new record, "Drugs, Music & Sex." "Drugs, Music & Sex" is already a classic and Ezec has managed to record another timeless album for those who love a good blend of street brutality and the most ignorant hardcore party anthems a band can create. LP includes digital download. 

1. Fuck The Scene
2. D.A.M.
3. Duck Down
4. Bomb The System
5. D.M.S.
6. D.F.F.
7. Evil Woman
8. Where Are You
9. Hellbound
10. P.S.P.
11. Boiling Point
12. Blood Wars
13. Street Life