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Widely regarded as one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2000, SNAPCASE finally return with their first full length in about 3 years. How has VICTORY's flagship band aged since 1997's "Progressions Through Unlearning" album? Well the root of their moshable hardcore is still very much intact with a gigantic wall of riffs and screamed vocals making up the very core of their being. However, they have also evolved in many notable ways not the least of which is the significant improvement in making their tunes accessible and more palatable to a pop audience. They do this by dramatically increasing the melodic undertones of their songs and infusing them with an increased sensibility for hooks and memorable riffs.


1. Target
2. Disconnector
3. Bleeding Orange
4. Typecast Modulator
5. Are You Tuned In?
6. Twentieth Nervous Breakdown
7. Energy Dome
8. Ambition Now
9. Break The Static
10. Blemish
11. Box Seat