Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation [2LP]

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"Daydream Nation" was Sonic Youth's sixth album, and their first double-LP, clocking in at just over 70 minutes. This was their last album recorded for an "independent" label (though "The Whitey Album" was released afterwards, it was ready to go prior to Daydream's conception), and was arguably the record that drew the strongest major label attention. It kicks off with the anthemic "Teenage Riot", again pairing Kim and Thurston vocally, and never lets up, boasting an unprecedented three Lee songs, another Mike Watt appearance (on the solemn piano/amp burnout collage "Providence"), and the sprawling "Trilogy" which closes the record. Three singles were released from the album, along with various live versions of "Silver Rocket", and all 4 songs had video clips filmed.

A1. Teen Age Riot
A2. Silver Rocket
A3. The Sprawl
B1. 'Cross The Breeze
B2. Eric's Trip
B3. Total Trash
C1. Hey Joni
C2. Providence
C3. Candle
D1. Kissability
D2a. The Wonder
D2b. Hyperstation
D2c. Eliminator Jr.