Spirits / Tomar Control - split

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Split 7" with Peru's TOMAR CONTROL! Three new songs from each band being pressed at the UK's own Speed-O-Wax Records! Boston’s own angry straight-edge hardcore band Spirits takes on Peru’s Tomar Control in this 7". Tomar Control is a kick-ass all-girl hardcore band from Peru. It’s an international release, and it’s a heavy hitter.

A1. Tomar Control - Equality
A2. Tomar Control- Conscious
A3. Tomar Control- Freedom
B1. Spirits - Cracks In Your Unity
B2. Spirits - Shelf Life
B3. Spirits - Blizzard Of 2015

Note that these songs are the exact same songs that appear on our side of both the TOMAR CONTROL and the DIE FASTER split 7".