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Here's the brand new 7" on Goodwill records with SPIRITS from Boston (USA) and ZERO EIGHT ONE from Naples (Italy). SPIRITS offer some of their best material up to date. Three tracks of relentless oldschool HC that draws influences from the past (think Count Me Out, Go it Alone, Have Heart, Battery,...) but lives well into the present. Excellent powerful and quick HC that knows when to slow down while keeping the adrenaline level high. If you loved Goodwill records bands like Day Of The Dead, Values Intact, Signs Of Hope, At Half Mast, Just Die or Gut Feeling, SPIRITS are definitely a band to check out. They merge anger and melody into an explosive mix that can't go unnoticed. On the flipside we have ZERO EIGHT ONE. The band from Naples brings back the spirit of the 80s and 90s with three excellent tunes reminiscing of the likes of Uniform Choice, Ignite, Unity, Turning Point,... Fast, furious yet still melodic. Excellent musicianship and great vocals. Youth crew in full effect. They are not afraid to slow down and completely change the pace in It's Up To You, which is possibly the strongest track of theirs here. A great match for Spirits to make a really exceptional split. This is the fourth and last of the series of split 7"s with the cover drawn by different international comic artists. The others being At Half-Mast / Values Intact (cover by Ed), At Half-Mast / To The Embers (cover by Pete Pee), Carry The Torch / Signs Of Hope (cover by Brian Walsby). The story on the four splits is inspired by animal liberation and is completed by this last record, so that whoever has the previous three splits has the complete story, as the four covers are drawn in chronological order.

A1. Tomar Control - Ich Bin Ein Aussenseiter (I Am An Outsider)
A2. Tomar Control - Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)
A3. Tomar Control - Die Hand Die Verletzt (The Hand That Wounds)
B1. Spirits - It's Up To You
B2. Spirits - Break This Chain
B3. Spirits - Horizon