Stray From The Path - Anonymous

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Stray From The Path have always had something about them that sets the band apart from most other hardcore bands. A little quirk, something unique that steers them away from the often paint-by-numbers elements of the genre.

Their latest release ‘Anonymous’ is no exception. This time however, the music far outweighs the lyrical content in this field. More so than ever before, the band are taking their cues from groups like Rage Against The Machine, the chant like, pump up lyrics, the groove heavy riffs and hip-hop influenced beats, it’s new age Rage.

1. False Flag
2. Badge And A Bullet
3. Radio
4. Scissor Hands
5. Black Friday
6. Counting Sheep
7. Slice Of Life
8. Tell Them I’m Not Home
9. Landmines
10. Anonymous