Tau Cross - Messengers Of Deception [LP]

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Tau Cross' musical style is primarily described as crust punk, punk rock or heavy metal, with many critics referring to it as a continuation of the style of Miller's previous band Amebix The band have also been described as alternative rock, gothic rock, traditional doom metal, post-punk, progressive rock and thrash metal and industrial. Citing influences such as Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Joy Division and 16th century English mysticism, their music has also been compared to the work of Motörhead, Prong and New Model Army.

1. Yaldabaoth
2. Hollow Earth
3. Burn with Me
4. Black Cadillac
5. Votl
6. Messengers of Deception
7. Babylonian Death Cult
8. Drowning the God
9. Three Tides (Or the Triale of Pyrat John Bellamie and Seawytch Annabel Green)
10. Sorrow Draws the Plough