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Test Of Time started very organically in the spring of 2012 among a group friends with a mutual admiration for the straight edge and a desire to form a band that was different from what was currently dominating the Boston scene. The band, featuring noted Boston, MA-area photographer Todd Pollock (vocals) alongside Charles Chaussinand (guitar, ex-No Harm Done, Offsides, Make Or Break), James Christopher (guitar/vocals, ex-The Effort), DJ Butler (bass) and Jeff Novak (drums), quickly self-recorded and self-produced their debut, ten-song EP "Inclusion." Their B9 debut and follow-up to their 2012 demo is an aggressive onslaught of thoughtful and melodic youth crew hardcore likely to please fans of Youth Of Today, Turning Point and In My Eyes. 7" includes digital download.

1. Inspired Youth
2. Riptide
3. Aperture
4. Matter Of Taste
5. Bait And Switch
6. In Spite Of Youth