The Business - Welcome to The Real World [LP]

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"Welcome To The Real World" was originally released by Link Records in 1988 with Steve Kent (their first guitar player) rejoining the band made up at that moment by Micky Fitz (vocals), Steve Whale (rhythm guitar), Mark Brennan (bass), and Micky Fairbairn (drums). The album features 12 great sing-a-long anthems in the finest tradition of late-'70s/early-'80s British punk with sharp and real lyrics that describe, staying away from cliches, the life of youth in the British working-class neighborhoods. Full-color lyric insert featuring previously unseen photos of the band included. Now available again on vinyl. Imported from Spain.

1. Mouth An' Trousers
2. Do A Runner
3. Ten Years
4. We'll Take 'Em On
5. Fear In Your Heart
6. Welcome To The Real World
7. Never Say Never
8. Hand Ball
9. Living In Daydreams
10. Look At Him Now
11. We Gotta Go
12. Never Say Never (Reprise)