The Good The Bad And The Zugly - Anti World Music [LP]

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A turbo-powered, puke-splattered punk’n’roll rampage.

Some people might tell you that Oslo is Europe’s ugliest capital and that this is reason enough to account for the recent proliferation of spit-in-your-face and steal-your-beer punk bands to emerge from the admittedly grotty metropolis.

But those people probably haven’t spent a drunken night being chased through Peckham. What’s more likely to account for the emergence of the likes of Kvelertak, Man The Machetes and The Good The Bad & The Zugly is that Turbonegro have been pissing in the city’s drinking water again, such is the obvious weight of influence on the latter especially.

TGTB&TZ aren’t mere copyists, though. While the foot-stomping silliness of I Ain’t Got No Job and the fist-pumping floor-filler One Kidney Man owe a huge dept to the glam-punk luminaries, elsewhere, the likes of Oslo Jonestown and the frantic Mr. Obese expel the same sort of impetuous appetite as early Municipal Waste. Drink up – it’ll taste like puke, but you’ll love it.

1. Reaction Formation
2. I Ain't Got No Job
3. One Kidney Man
4. Smoke 'Em
5. Nowhere To Go
6. Call The Cops
7. Oslo, Jonestown PT. II
8. Grünerløkka Streetfighter
9. Mr. Obese
10. Please Kill Me
11. Socks And Shoes
12. Less Than Zero