The Good The Bad And The Zugly - Hadeland Hardcore [LP]

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Norwegian ‘oil-punk’ here from The Good The Bad and The Zugly, surely one of the zugliest names I’ve seen in a while. Hadeland Hardcore is their second album, and it brings thirteen tracks of blast to your ears in just half an hour: quick and dirty, the way this stuff is meant to be. LP on Fysisk Format.

A1. Who Will Save Scandirock?
A2. Hate Will Get Us Everywhere
A3. Way Out West
A4. Partyfest And Apathy
A5. L.T.M.F.
A6. Hell Is Other People
A7. I Sleep Hard
B1. Death To Firesouls
B2. Dad Brains
B3. How Can Less Be More?
B4. Übermens CH Revisited
B5. Jäg Är Inte Bitter
B6. Natural Born Nettroll