The Last Resort - A Skinhead Way Of Life [LP]

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Truly an album that has defined a sound and sub-culture, "A Way Of Life: Skinhead Anthems" was originally released in 1982 and reached number six in the then important Independent Music Charts in the UK. The release features the track "King Of The Jungle" from the legendary compilation "Carry On Oi!," which was compiled by Garry Bushell on Secret Records (1981). This record has become such a force in the punk/skinhead/oi underground, even the album artwork is now legendary. Now available again on vinyl.


1. Freedom
2. Skinheads In Stapress
3. Rebels With A Cause
4. King Of The Jungle
5. We Rule O.K.
6. Changing
7. Lionheart
8. Rose Of England
9. Violence In Our Minds
10. Resort Boot Boys
11. Red White And Blue.