Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War

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And if you think Hate was a facemelter, just wait ‘til you hear third studio album Holy War, produced by Will Putney (Suicide Silence, The Acacia Strain, Molotov Solution) and set for release this June through legendary metal label Nuclear Blast. The juggernaut grooves heard on tracks like Absolute Genocide, Fur And Claw and Emptiness will snap your neck like a swarm of beers engulfing you. And the increased dynamics of haunting synth textures and moody strings will simply add to the confusion: it’s more uncompromising, more unsettling and more bloodthirsty in its own unique way – something which the band were keen to explore right from the off.


1. Absolute Genocide
2. Light Bearer
3. Holy War
4. Coffin Dragger (feat. Winston McCall Parkway Drive)
5. Fur and Claw
6. Deliver Us to Evil
7. Emptiness
8. Violent Reckoning
9. Child of Sorrow
10. Naked and Cold