Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation

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Thy Art Is Murder furiously charges once more unto the breach, clawing and spitting against the dying light and a seemingly inevitable collapse of existence!

'Dear Desolation,' the Australian metal crew's fourth and mightiest album is a devastating blow equally against and embracing of a cataclysmic nihilism and all-out misanthropic warfare.

'Holy War,' the band's third album, entered the ARIA chart at No. 7, the highest ever debut position for an extreme metal act born and bred in the country.

Recorded in New Jersey with longtime engineer Will Putney (The Amity Affliction), 'Dear Desolation' is custom built for the festival stage, organically streamlined to translate to a wide audience as skillfully as the central sound at Thy Art Is Murder's core has resonated in sweaty clubs and clubs and theatres since the band's formation in 2006.

This is extreme metal for the people, torchbearers for a primal style that doesn't die!

1. Slaves Beyond Death
2. The Son Of Misery
3. Puppet Master
4. Dear Desolation
5. Death Dealer
6. Man Is The Enemy
7. The Skin Of The Serpent
8. Fire In The Sky
9. Into Chaos We Climb
10. The Final Curtain