Torsö - Due Cose In Una

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Torso is armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound with influences as geographically diverse as its members. One can hear the D-beating drums of Discharge, the all-out speed attack of Swedish crust legends Totalitar, and the stomping breaks of late-'80s NYHC. In addition to the "Home Wrecked" EP, Revelation Records will be issuing both Torso EPs together on a cassette for the first time; an ode to the classic Descendents "Two Things At Once" collection, done only the way Torso can do it. Limited edition of 150 copies.

1. Build And Break
2. Grab A Shovel
3. Repulsion
4. Sick Of Fighting
5. Home Wrecked
6. Weightless
7. You're X'd