Tuff Crew - DJ Too Tuff's Lost Archives [2LP] color

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If you are a fan of raw Hip-Hop, and straight beats and rhymes with no singing, this album is for you. To those aspiring producers and DJ's out there, this is a great album to see another side of Hip-Hop's history and gain that much more knowledge. There is a reason why so many known artists of today list DJ Too Tuff as one of their inspirations.

A1. Pimpshit
A2. Old School Jackin'
A3. Northside Posse (
A4. Fat Ones
A5. One Straight Binness
B1. Into the Dangerzone [Dahkter Remix]
B2. Meltdown
B3. Off Beat
B4. Louisville
B5. Run It.
C1. Badlands
C2. Hit a Block
C3. Extortion
C4. Mind over Matter [2 Track Mix]
C5. Mech O.G.
D1. Mindblowing
D2. Migraine
D3. Zone
D4. Pimp Shit Remix