Urban Sprawl - Concrete Altar 7"

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Born from the same Bay Area, CA, scene that has spawned Torso, Primal Rite, Look Back And Laugh, Punch, and countless others, Urban Sprawl is here to play some of the dirtiest hardcore the city of San Francisco has ever witnessed. Featuring members of the aforementioned Torso as well as Profile, Wound Man, and even Joyce Manor, Urban Sprawl tackles issues plaguing the Bay Area like gentrification and inequality. The band has played weekends with Torso and done local shows with Agnostic Front, Mass Arrest, Mutilated Tongue, and many others, and, prior to the COVID meltdown, were slated to do a California weekend with Gorilla Biscuits and appear at Sound And Fury and Manic Relapse fests. First pressing 7" covers feature metallic gold printing, limited to 600 copies.

Green (x 100) RevHQ Exclusive
Red (x 200) Indie-Store Exclusive
Orange (x 300)

Track Listing:

1. Human Frailty
2. Concrete Altar
3. Slaughtered
4. Rabid Mind
5. Commodify