v/a - A7 Back To The NYHC Roots [LP]

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Pitchfork is proud to announce the "A7: Back To The NYHC Roots" compilation release, teaming up with Drew Stone and Gary Yosco to bring you 17 tracks of exclusive and new music harkening the spirit of New York hardcore created in the "magic room" once known as A7. LP includes digital download and a 24-page booklet.

1. Crazy Eddie - A Toda Madre O Un Desmadre
2. Dead Blow Hammer - Roller
3. Antidote NYHC - Scarred
4. The Ice Cold Killers - Runnin' Outta Time
5. Kings Never Die - Stand For It All
6. The Car Bomb Parade - Pandemic North American
7. The Last Stand - I Can't Look Back
8. The Krays - Strontium Dogs
9. Crippled Earn - Ten Steps Back
10. Reaching Out - Stand Together
11. Enziguri - Stone Caster
12. No Compromise - Born To Destroy
13. Silence Equals Death - Stay True
14. End Of Hope - Nothing To See Here
15. Necrotic Society - Wolf In Idiot's Clothing
16. Diamond Dogz - Do It Yourself
17. Serial Poets - Transcend