v/a - America's Hardcore Volume 3 [LP]

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Seventeen new and exclusive tracks from some of HCs best. Like the first two, these will come with a badass 12 x12 twenty-page full-color insert booklet with pages designed by each band, and heavy 150g vinyl.

A1. Indepence - Blue Moon
A2. Criminal Instinct - Yet To Come
A3. Raindance - No Wolves
A4. Caught In A Crowd - Waged War
A5. Fury - Damage Is Done
A6. Barge - Weapon Of War
A7. Shit For Brains - Shit For Brains
A8. Suburban Scum - Six Feet Under
A9. Turnstile - Lost All Feeling
B1. Clear - You Be You
B2. Demolition - Above The Law
B3. Unified Right - Joke After Joke
B4. Self Defense Family - Spirit Operator
B5. Consolation Prize - Moleskin
B6. Disapproval - Wildflower Stomp
B7. Freedom - Cut You Down
B8. Mammoth Grinder - Cosmic Crypt