Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets

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Out of print for over 25 years, the debut LP from NYHC legends WARZONE is finally back in print courtesy of Revelation Records. WARZONE were a cornerstone of the NYHC scene, sharing the stage with legends like AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, MURPHY'S LAW, YOUTH OF TODAY, and many more. Led by the influential and charismatic Ray "Raybeez" Barbieri, WARZONE entered the studio in 1987 and produced Don?t Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets which went on to
achieve legendary status. Often imitated but never duplicated, WARZONE had a sound unique to the NYHC scene. Coupled with vocalist Raybeez' uplifting and often incisive lyrics, WARZONE's sound influenced generations of bands and kids across the world. Revelation is incredibly proud to present this newly remastered
and repackaged version of this seminal NY hardcore record, including liner notes by "Lukie Luke" Abbey, new artwork by John "Omen", and many never-beforeseen photos. Features members of AGNOSTIC FRONT, ALTERCATION, and GORILLA BISCUITS.

01. Intro Bust
02. It's Your Choice
03. Crazy But Not Insane
04. Fuck Your Attitude
05. As One
06. We're The Crew
07. Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets
08. In The Mirror
09. Skinhead Youth
10. Growing Up, The Next Step
11. Judgement Day
12. Fighting For Our Country