Wiegedood - There's Always Blood At the End Of The Road

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white / red  marbled vinyl. limited to 500 copies. D-side etched.

Visceral and bleak black metal in its purest and most destructive form without clichés.

A first-hand look into pure disgust, a psychotic ride with synths, tape-recorders, hot club jazz and distressing samples.

Emerging once more, this time from the involuntary solitude of a plague-bound world, WIEGEDOOD are back with their fourth studio album, “There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road”. A ferocious tour-de-force, born of frustration and the ever-burning flame of hatred for the modern world, the new record marks a significant departure for this most ruthlessly singular of modern metal bands.

“Musically I think we’ve made our most uncomfortable record so far. It’s once again faster than anything we’ve done before, and more unforgiving than the whole trilogy combined”, says vocalist/guitarist Levy Seynaeve. “To me, it feels like a soundtrack, for a movie yet to be made. A movie about the filthiest and most disgusting parts of human nature and society, and about the struggle we lead within, trying to overcome the fact we are all made from that same filth.”

1. FN SCAR 16
2. And In Old Salamano’s Room, The Dog Whimpered Softly
3. Noblesse Oblige Richesse Oblige
4. Until It Is Not
5. Now Will Always Be
6. Wade
7. Nuages
8. Theft And Begging
9. Carousel