With Honor - Boundless

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Born out of a global pandemic, ‘Boundless,’ is the third full length album from With Honor. Lyrically, the record focuses on nature to explore spiritual themes of self-healing, and inner peace as well as tackling socio-economic issues of poverty, gun-violence, and patriarchy. Written and recorded over a two year span, ‘Boundless’ bleeds reconnection of the band’s members; to each other, to themselves, and to the world around. The title itself aims to highlight the band’s shared belief that we, when harnessing the power of our spirits, hearts, and minds, are without limits.

This is the sea blue cloudy vinyl version.

1. My Anchor
2. Trees
3. The Weight
4. Open Hands
5. Non Ciolent Redemption
6. Both/And
7. To The Mourning
8. Sovereignty Of Soul
9. No Escape
10. Rank & File
11. Love Is All
12. Grown Up And Gone