Worlds Collide - Effect Of The Age - discography [LP]

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In 1991 Worlds Collide was founded by Ken Olden, Zac Eller, Hillel Halloway and Matt Burger. At the time there was a big void in the Washington DC Hardcore scene, and Worlds Collide quickly filled it. But, despite their Hardcore roots, they regularly played shows with the prominent Dischord Records bands of the era, such as Fugazi. Worlds Collide became a crowd favorite in Washington DC and they got the attention of legendary Hardcore bands, like Sick of It All, who started inviting Worlds Collide to perform out of the DC area, which lead to Worlds Collide playing other classic shows, like Gorilla Biscuits original farewell show in February of 1992 at the Marquee in New York City. Worlds Collide was one of Victory Records first releases back in 1992, and the band went on to release a live album, their original demos and a full studio album. 

In 2021 Worlds Collide is pleased to collaborate with their friends at Devarishi Records to bring you their complete discography on vinyl for the first time ever, which has been completely remastered. Enjoy.’ - Ken Olden, 2021

1. Object Of Desire
2. Absolute
3. Effect Of The Age
4. Blame
5. Faces
6. Any Worse
7. Ritual
8. She's Drowning
9. Kill The Pain
10. Surrender
11. Crusade
12. Drain